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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities with Rader Programs at Pacific Shores Hospital

Pacific Shores Hospital (PSH) volunteers donate their time and energy to provide valuable and important resources to hospital departments.

Volunteer Opportunities for Adults Volunteer opportunities through the Employment Dept. at PSH are open to all adults over age 18 that are willing to make a responsible commitment to uphold the purpose, objectives, and policies of the hospital. Volunteers may be assigned to the following services:

• Admitting
• Community Education
• Clerical & Filing
• Parents Tour
• Patient Care Programs
• Health Services Library
• Information Desk
• Mail Service
• Laboratory
• Art Therapy Assistant
• Crafts/Flower Arranging
• Bulk Mailings (on call)
• Reception Desk
• General Office Duties
• Special Events
• Employee Health
• Nursing Education

Volunteer Opportunities for High School & College Students

The year-round student volunteer program allows high school & college students (18 and older) an opportunity to volunteer at PSH during the summer. Students can volunteer in a variety of departments within the hospital. Three- to four-hour shifts are available at various times during the day or early evening, weekdays, and weekends. Students may be assigned to the following areas:

• Employee Health
• Clerical & Filing
• Medical Records
• Admitting
• Central Supply
• Transport
• Reception and Information Desk
• Acute Care (Patient Floors)
• General Office Duties
• Bulk Mailings
• Hospitality Cart
How to Contact Us

For more information about volunteering at Pacific Shores Hospital in Oxnard or at Rader Programs’ corporate office, please contact us at (818) 880-3755 x 211 or by e-mail at rader@raderprograms.com or feel free to apply through our website at www.raderprograms.com and select the employment page.