INFOGRAPHIC: Is Your Relationship with Food Healthy?

The human relationship with food is one of the most intimate experiences we encounter on a daily basis. We think about food, carefully select food, and actually put it into our bodies. Food is necessary to fuel our lives, yet many factors can inhibit our natural relationship with food. The media fills our minds with ideas that can endorse unhealthy behaviors, and we can find ourselves in stressful times in which our eating or exercising patterns change as part of an emotional response.

This infographic, "Is Your Relationship with Food Healthy?" by Rader Programs, was designed to assist readers in stepping back and looking at what they feel is their "norm." While some eating and exercising behaviors in moderation are acceptable, others raise red flags. The flowchart in the infographic helps identify those areas of concern that would best be further evaluated by a professional.

Find your path on the flowchart to check your relationship with food, and then share the infographic with everyone you know! If not for you, it might just land under the eyes of someone who needs guidance on his or her relationship with food.

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