INFOGRAPHIC: A Hunger for Belonging - A Snapshot of Pro-Ana Communities and Their Desire for Thinspiration

Pro-anorexia (or pro-ana) communities are growing at an alarming rate on the web. Pro-ana blogs often feature thinspiration (or thinspo) content, which usually involves pictures of underweight celebrities with the intent of inspiring individuals to continue their dangerous eating disorder behavior.

While some members of pro-ana communities go as far as to call anorexia a lifestyle choice rather than a deadly eating disorder, it has been shown that a vast majority of pro-ana bloggers (82%) view anorexia as a mental illness. Furthermore, studies have shown that one of the primary reasons that individuals seek pro-ana communities is to experience a sense of belonging and to network with others who are sharing a similar experience. The rise of pro-ana communities clearly show a need for more online pro-recovery communities in order to provide a sense of belonging to those with eating disorders, while nurturing them to get the treatment they need to begin their journey of recovery.
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This infographic statistically represents the alarming rate of thinspiration and Pro-ana influence on the internet

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