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It takes drive to make it to the Olympics. It takes even more determination to win a medal. Dotsie Bausch, who won a silver medal in the 1012 London Olympics for team cycling, is no stranger to drive and determination. Prior to ever competing as a cyclist, she battled substance abuse and a severe case of anorexia. Following her recovery, she serves as a role model to other women struggling with eating disorders. She therefore proves that with the right treatment, not only can you live a healthy lifestyle, but you can pursue your dreams.

Before becoming a professional cyclist, Dotsie Bausch had a different career. She was a highly paid model in New York City, working coveted print and runway gigs. Though Bausch doesn’t blame the fashion industry as a whole, the pressures of being a model began to take hold of her and she found herself rapidly losing weight. As her 5’9 inch frame shrunk to a dangerously low weight, she also abused substances. It was only after a failed suicide attempt that she realized she truly needed help.

When she began anorexia treatment, Dotsie Bausch was initially banned from exercise. Eventually, her psychologist suggested she try cycling. She found that cycling was an excellent outlet for her competitive spirit. In 1998 she took up long-distance cycling and was a member of the pro team by 2002. By 2003 she was the 4th ranked American female cyclist. She eventually switched to track cycling and it was that sport where she won her silver medal in London.

After breaking the cycle of her own eating disorder, Dotsie Bausch found it important to help others that are struggling with eating disorders. She has made herself available to her fans that are struggling with eating disorders. She recently launched a foundation called Courageous Voice in order to help men and women who are struggling with eating disorders. Though Dotsie is a passionate cyclist, she believes that helping others with eating disorders is her true vocation.