Client Testimonials

I am writing to you as a former client of Rader Programs. I think it is important that I tell you from a client's perspective about the wonderful care I received from some of your amazing staff! First of the Clinical Director was the reason I feel I was able to find recovery at Rader. He showed me compassion and such deep concern and he made me feel safe to do the inpatient program. He is a wonderful man, a great guide and leader; he is truly a hero to me. I will be forever grateful to him. You should also know that, the two lead counselors are the best counselors that I have ever had the privilege to work with. They are both very different in style but equally dedicated and effective. The fitness instructor was always there for me. He is kind, knowledgeable and very dedicated. The nurses were sweet, kind and very supportive. The day mental health worker was always an inspiration too. And my assessment counselor was the reason I put my trust in your program in the first place. All the staff I mentioned mademe feel safe and were very instrumental in my recovery. Thanks, Warm regards for making this program available. Dawn