Client Testimonials

Before I went to Rader Programs I was in very bad shape. I was extremely depressed and in very poor physical health. I was about to give up hope. ...I let my eating disorder take over all aspects of my life. I planned everything around food. I even got kicked out of my gym because I was so thin, ... I decided to call Rader, and it was the best thing I ever did. It was very tough and I really fought the program at first, but with the loving staff I began to come around. I had to give up the control and start to eat, drink and work the program. After a month of the inpatient and two weeks of the outpatient program, I got to go home and resume my life. Things are really getting better for me, I'm enjoying life again, which I didn't think was possible. I feel much better physically and emotionally. I see my family and am able to be the kind of mother my son needs and deserves. I go to barbecues, movies, bowling and other social events. I'm actually beginning to like myself again. ... I am very grateful to the staff at Rader; they never gave up on me. I really believe with the help of the program and my higher power, I will continue to get better one day at a time. Judy