Client Testimonials

My name is Andria. I wanted to let you know about some of the outstanding employees I came across during my stay. It is almost hard to use the word employees because they have touched me in such a personal way. They do their job with such care and consideration. I never felt like I was bothering them or putting them out in any way. They are there if you just need someone to talk to in a capable and personable way. One of the brightest moments of my stay here was waking up on Christmas morning and finding slippers hanging on everyone’s door that one of your staff members had knitted herself. The Rader staff is what I would someday wish to become confident, self-assured and assertive. I’ve worked with many counselors, therapists and psychiatrists and I can recognize a wonderful combination of everything it takes so that a person feels comfortable enough to become vulnerable in their presence. I just wanted to send you this letter about these amazing people who really helped me break down the walls that were keeping me from my recovery. Sincerely, Andria