Client Testimonials

I don't know if I can thank anyone enough for my experience there. I do know this: I am so much further in my recovery in just one year from the help you were able to provide me through the hospital and amazing staff, and the wonderful friends I made. Basically, I don't know why I'm even emailing, it was just something I had no control over, I just felt I needed to. I met the person that changed my life there. I'll forever be thankful for that. I am so grateful for the coping skills I learned there, and for the ability to now have a better relationships with the ones I love, and just other people around me. I don't think there is one day that passes that I do not think about Rader, or make a reference to it, and that's what really brings a smile to my face. The fact that a place has helped my life change...hell, it's given me a life. Thanks again. I'll never forget. Mae