Client Testimonials

Thank you, Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for saving my life. One week from today, I will celebrate one year of abstinence – no purging, no restricting, and no over exercising. At this time last year, my whole life had fallen apart. I look back and can’t believe how depressed and hopeless I was. My eating disorder had taken over my life and I just wanted to die. I wanted to give up. Thank God there was some fight left in me when I found Rader. I never would have dreamed that my life would take me where I am today. I am so thankful for my experience and the people that I have met during my recovery, including each and every one of you. When I came to Rader, I was broken. You slowly helped me piece myself back together and now, one year later, the puzzle is closer to being solved. My life is no longer chaotic but rather purposeful, healthy and kind. I no longer feel as though the walls are caving in on me because I have learned to cope without using my eating disorder to get through the tough times. My relationships are healthy and meaningful, especially with my parents. When I came to Rader, I was ready to give up all hope on having a relationship with my mother. She was toxic and a huge trigger for me. Thanks to the phone sessions with Angelina, I am closer to both of my parents than ever before. We haven’t fought in over six months and I am able to actually spend time with them and share myself with them. This is so important to me, as I have always valued family. I believe that these relationships have changed because Ed is no longer in my life. I know that recovery is a process, but as I reminisce about the past year, Rader is a huge part of my memories. Without your help, I never would have found myself. I am so happy and content now. I am actually happy with myself. This has given me the confidence that I need to pursue other paths in my life. Last year, I felt as though my life was over, my dreams had been taken away, and there was no use in living. Today, I have started my own pet sitting business to pursue my dream of working with animals. Also, I live in the moment and take pleasure in life’s simplicities. For the first time, I notice the leaves falling off the trees, rays of sun beaming through the clouds, children’s innocence and happiness. Most importantly, I love myself and I value my life. Thank you again for helping me break the cycle of my eating disorder, for giving me hope and believing in me when no one else did, for showing me that there was a different life out there to live. For being the special people that you are, dedicating every day to helping people reach their full potential. Words will never be able to describe the gratefulness that I have for you, Sincerely, Karin Anne