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Night Eating Syndrome Treatment

Night eating behavior seems totally beyond the effected individual’s control.

What is Night Eating Syndrome?

Night Eating Syndrome is an eating disorder in which the affected individual wakes several times in the middle of the night and is unable to fall back asleep without eating. The food eaten is often unhealthy and caloric. Estimates indicate that up to one percent of the global population might be afflicted with night eating syndrome

 Night Eating Syndrome Behavior

Individuals with Night Eating Syndrome consume 35% or more of their daily calories after dinnertime. Following the night binge, the affected individual is often not hungry in the morning. People suffering with Night Eating Syndrome often get caught in the vicious cycle of eating less during the day and more at night.

Triggers for Night Eating Syndrome

Night Eating Syndrome is often directly linked to psychological factors. Some triggers for Night Eating Syndrome include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Interpersonal stress
  • Boredom
  • Prolonged dieting
  • Body image dissatisfaction

An Embarrassing Secret

For the person suffering from Night Eating Syndrome, the eating disorder episodes usually occur in secret and any evidence is often hidden from others. Like individuals with anorexia nervosa or bulimia, those struggling with night eating syndrome often have feel discontent with their weight.

 Night Eating Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome include:

  • Binge eating, eating when full
  • Hiding food
  • Eating alone due to shame or embarrassment
  • Preoccupation with body weight
  • Rapid weight fluctuations
  • Constant dieting
  • Eating less than normal during the day

Medical Complications from Night Eating Syndrome

Medical complications from the behavior accompanying this eating disorder can be severe and even life-threatening. Diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems are just a few of the dangerous complications.

For a complete list of potential medical problems for Night Eating Syndrome, visit our Medical Complications page.

Night Eating Syndrome Treatment and Lifelong Recovery

Night Eating Syndrome afflicts the mind as well as the body. We understand this complex disorder at Rader Programs and will work with you to build the Night Eating Syndrome is a disease and cannot be cured with willpower alone.

We offer different levels of care tailored to your individual needs including a 24-hour program, a daycare program, a family program that allows loved ones to assist in the recovery process, and continued care. Let Rader Programs design the Night Eating Syndrome treatment plan that will keep you healthy for life.

Getting Help for Night Eating Syndrome

Eating disorders destroy lives and tears families apart. If Night Eating Syndrome is left untreated, it can be fatal. Rader Programs is dedicated to designing a Night Eating Syndrome treatment plan that rebuilds your mind, body and spirit. We will also work with you to improve your personal relationships for a more balanced lifestyle.

Our interdisciplinary staff works around the clock to provide you with personalized care and put you on the road to total recovery.

Let Rader Programs help you achieve a healthier, happier future.

For more information on Rader Programs’ Night Eating Syndrome treatment programs and other treatment plans, call 1.800.841.1515 or request a free assessment today.